5 Easy Tips to GAIN STRENGTH Fast!

What are 5 easy things to remember in order to help gain strength?

1. Warming up. You step in the gym, eager to lift some heavy ass iron with a few scoops of pre-workout pumping through your veins. You load the bar with weight and start reppin’ it out, but all the sudden you feel a sharp pain…fuck. You just pulled a muscle or worse. Who knows how long it’ll take to repair the damage done. Okay, let’s rewind a bit and say you, instead of jumping right into heavier weight, took time to prepare for your workout properly. Warming up will not only help you perform better, but will also lessen your chances for injury. Let’s go over a few options –

Take about 10 – 15 minutes on a bike, elliptical or treadmill at a moderate pace.
Perform some dynamic movements or mobility drills.
Start with very light weight and perform a couple sets of high reps in the specific exercise you want to perform.

2. Track your weights. Who said makin gains was easy? No one. Put in the extra work and take the time to track your weight on each exercise in the workouts you perform. This will give an insight into your progress and make it easier to set goals, and crush them. This is simply done by having a note-pad with the specified sets and reps that you need to perform for each exercise in that workout and writing down the weight you performed.

3. Nutrition. No matter what your goal is, nutrition will always be on the top of the list on importance of performance and function in many areas. This case is no exception. If you want to throw up heavy weight and feel like a monster, you’re going to have to eat like one, and just like with tracking your weights, you’ll want to track your calories and macro split too. Carbohydrates will play an important role in your strength gains because of the energy source glycogen, that it provides the body. Fats will help with absorbing vitamins and regulate hormones and of course proteins will help with the repairing process of the muscles, building back up what you tore down in the gym.

4. Compound movements. A compound movement will utilize multiple joints and muscles at once, demanding high amounts of energy and require the body to adapt quickly to the high loads it’s forced to lift. Essentially going into survival mode, the body will build itself stronger to protect itself from further damage you place on it, and in turn building a stronger, buffer you. Some of the best compound exercises are commonly referred to as “the golden five” and include –

Bench Press
Overhead Press

5. Programming. This will bring everything together from the exercises you choose that make up each workout, sets and reps scheme, mobility drills to nutrition and cardio routines. Any athlete and competitor will have a program to follow to help achieve their goals and make sure they continually progress from day to day. Don’t aimlessly wonder around the gym trying to figure out what to train, eventually settling on arm day again, make sure you have a program ready so you can destroy the weights.


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